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    I have a Verizon 650. How do I hang up on one call when I have two on the line? For example, I am talking to one party and another calls. I press answer and it puts the first party on hold. There is a button to swap between calls and to Hang Up All, but I cannot figure out how to hang up one call and keep the other active.


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    Re: How to Hang Up with More than One Call

    I've been wondering that too. I think the only thing you can do is wait for your other party to hang up so that the call disconnects. It will still show the call as the little phone icon thing, but it will be disconnected. Maybe try hitting 'Menu' next time and seeing what you can do?

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    Re: How to Hang Up with More than One Call

    i was wondering that same thing...I'd hate to hang up with someone and they stay there thinking..wow she didnt have time to talk to me, but she's talking to someone else...

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    Re: How to Hang Up with More than One Call

    Remind me of a story when a co-worker called me up on 3way with his boss on the other end and they got my voicemail. They left a message, thought they hung up the phone and I got the next 5 mins of their phone conversation in voicemail.

    Funny story, my boss loved the conversation and so did his boss };-o

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