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    Wondering if anyone has any tips....
    My recently purchased used 650 has been working fine for a few weeks.
    Today I am having problems with certain keys. Space bar, Alt, Home, Delete and others. Some still work. I can't get around many places with the home key out especially. It hasn't gotten wet. I have no 3rd party software. Ive tried every reset except a hard because i dont have any sync software for my contacts. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this keypad?

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    Re: 650 Keypad is having issues

    Unfortunately your keypad is probably foobared. I know I have a "new" keyboard and I installed it in my current working 650, and the menu, I, K, M, Alt, and <- [backspace] keys do not work. The old one just doesnt click anymore on the ALT and right-shift key. I put that one back in for now.... If you do buy a keyboard, be careful with the install. My first 650 I got from a friend who tried to fix it before, and what happened was is he broke the connector for the keyboard off the mainboard, damaging the traces and all..

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