Step-by-step instructions

(presumably, the same procedure will work with other Toyota/Lexus in-car mobile phone systems)

Update the Treo680 to the latest AT&T Bluetooth manager v 3.2C (as of 09/06/08)

The following steps should be done IN THE CAR.

1. Turn the Treo 680 “on”
1. Open the BLUETOOTH program
2. Tap on the “ON” button
3. Be sure that VISIBLE is selected beside the “visibility” label.
4. Tap on SETUP DEVICES – this takes you to the “setup devices” screen
5. Tap on the TRUSTED DEVICES button at the bottom of the screen

2. IN THE CAR - FOLLOW THE VEHICLE INSTRUCTION MANUAL to get to the telephone/bluetooth installation screen in your vehicle to “pair” the phone with the car.
* For the 2007 Prius, the sequence is:
1. Tap the INFO button beside the LCD screen
2. Tap the TELEPHONE icon
3. Tap the SETTINGS button
4. Follow the car manual instructions to REGISTER the phone with the car
5. The Prius screen should indicate it is “looking” for a telephone device

3. ON THE TREO 680
1. Tap the ADD DEVICES button
* This will take you to the “Discovery Results” screen
* You should see the auto listed by whatever name is on the vehicle bluetooth installation screen
2. Tap on that name on the Treo
3. Tap the OK button – this will take you back to the “Trusted Devices” screen
4. Enter the password you set up on the Prius screen
6. Press the MENU key on the 680 (the bottom right key on the keypad – looks like an outline with a down arrow – just to the right of the Alt key)
* NOTE: a hidden sub menu appears at the top left of the screen that says CONNECT
* Tap on the CONNECT button – this forces a manual connection to the car!
7. The car bluetooth program should “see” the TREO680 and “pair” and display BLUETOOTH CONNECTION SUCCESSFUL at the top of the screen, and you will see the Bluetooth icon at the top right corner of the Treo change to a headset icon.
8. Follow the vehicle manual instructions to enter names and numbers into the car phone book and speed dial software.

4. USER notes
1. If you leave Bluetooth “on” in the Treo680, it will AUTOMATICALLY sync with the car every time you enter and start the car! (you can turn the Treo 680 Bluetooth off/on without having to manually pair again)
2. When you walk away from the vehicle, initially the icon at the top of the phone will show a “headset” connection. But when you get far away enough from the car it will AUTOMATICALLY change back to just the Bluetooth icon. You don't have to press any buttons or anything to use the phone normally once the car is turned OFF.
3. The Treo680 also “LOCKS” the trusted device so that even if you do a SOFT RESET (remove the battery or have an accidental reboot) you DO NOT have to go through the process of pairing the phone to the car again!!!
4. Disclaimer – I have no affiliation with Palm / AT&T / Toyota other than as a consumer. There may be variables with chipsets or versions of software in your Treo 680 and mine and between my 2007 Prius and whatever year you have. I only know that the connection has been rock solid since the first pairing. Even a soft reboot of the Treo 680 has not required reconfiguring the connection with the car! I hope publishing these step-by-step instructions will benefit those who have been frustrated with the bluetooth capabilities of the 680 and their Prius. Hopefully the same technique will work with other Toyota and/or Lexus vehicles.

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