Hi All,

I have a Treo 700p and I want to try out the MP3 player. I'm using Windows XP Home and Media Player 11.0. I connect my Treo, start p-tunes then try to configure media player to see my Treo (tools-options-devices) but my Treo is not listed in the device list. Is there a driver I'm missing? I'm on the most current Palm OS for Verizon Wireless. I had tried it with the previous version, that didn't work so I spent the 35 minutes to update to the newest one (the one that supports 4gb SD cards).

Any help would really be appreciated. I'm thinking of retiring my old MP3 player and just using my phone so I only have one device.

Anyone using the MP3 player? Is the quality any good? I assume you need to upgrade P-Tunes to get any features like random-shuffle-repeat?

Anyone tried an SD card larger than 4GB?


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