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    My phone fell in the pool. I use my Palm phone a lot - especially the memo and to do list options. At&t no longer has palm products. What product should I purchase - Palm with Palm OS or with Outlook? Or iphone or blackberry? Do any other products use the memo & to do options? Also, how could I convert my old data - any software recommendations? Thanks!

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    Re: What should I replace my Palm Treo 680 with?

    I recommend the Palm Pre. I am not sure if you mentioned your service provider, but if it's Sprint, go for the Pre, especially since you are a Palm user already. The Pre does allow existing Palm profiles to be incorporated when you first start it up. The UI is by far its best feature, offering multi-tasking, alerts, intuitive gestures, all-in-one (or separate) contacts & email lists, etc.

    Check out other recommendations/options (esp with other carriers) in our recent Top 5 Smartphones Blog. Hopefully, it's something you will not only enjoy reading, but a helpful tool to help navigate your phone replacement thoughts. Can't paste the blog link here since I am a new member, but find a link to it on Twitter/pdacart.

    Let me (& all of us on this forum) know which device you end up selecting.

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    Re: What should I replace my Palm Treo 680 with?

    Sounds like they're with At&t. If I were you I'd go with a blackberry or something with symbian (nokia smart phone)

    Also, converting data depends on the type of phone you go with, but as long as it syncs with outlook, which most phone os's do, you shouldn't have much of a problem.

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    Re: What should I replace my Palm Treo 680 with?

    Simply go on e-bay and purchase a new/used Palm 680 for under $100. Plug it into your computer to sync your data. After sync your new phone is identical to the phone you dropped in the pool. Much less painful than learning a new PDA unless you really want some new features.

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    Re: What should I replace my Palm Treo 680 with?


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    Re: What should I replace my Palm Treo 680 with?

    i suggest you go for the palm pre or palm pixi basicly the same thimg but you'll save alittle bit odf money with the pixi but th pre is better looking. but if you want to stay with ATT then go with the iphone

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