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    so i just gott handed a palm pre as a door prize at a party i went to (wow luckey me aey?) and i have metro pcs... well i was wondering is it possible for me to flash my palm pre to metro pcs? if so how? if anybody can doit please shoot me an email at crzyirish1959 @aim. com and ill certainly pay you!!! and ill pay for shipping, and if its a company you own that does this or that you know of please tell me as well !!! remeber im paying GOOD (: thanks for all the help (:

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    Re: metro pcs palm pre? i hope soo...

    I don't think it can be done, please read this post from pre central if you can't make it work right on verizon Metro ain't going to happen

    Palm Pre Hacked to Run on Verizon | PreCentral.net
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    Re: metro pcs palm pre? i hope soo...

    Many Sprint phones will work with Metro PCS. You need to check with your local retail store to see if they do the Flashing. The Metro stores are the ones who Flash to phones, but I know the NY area doesnt allow this, as they dont even have the BB's, but other Metro areas do. Best thing to do is take it in and see if they can. If they can, its like 30 or 60 bucks and ur good. If they can't, then no one can.
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