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    AT&T has mentioned not too long ago that they are planning on bringing at least 5 new Android phones to their line in 2010 and one of the rumors is that they will have 2 WebOS smartphones, hence, the Palm.

    Over on Engadget's website, they have found documentation by FCC that points to Palm Pre heading to AT&T and the expected time would be in May of this year. Since the FCC has the news under confidentiality rules, this is leading us to believe that AT&T and FCC does not want this news to be leaked out just yet. And since the confidentiality expires in Mid May, it's also been known that the devices under confidentiality are usually released right after it expires.

    We will have to wait and see if the Palm Pre actually makes it to AT&T and if so, it could all be due to AT&T losing it's exclusivity to the iPhone and focusing on bringing other phones to it's line to replace the iPhone.

    via: Palm Pre May Be Coming to Visit AT&T in May Unwired View

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    Re: Palm Pre coming to AT&T?

    now palm can be use with at&t.

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    Re: Palm Pre coming to AT&T?

    I wouldnt buy anything called a pre or pixi. they really need better names

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