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    The Palm Pre 2 was officially unveiled recently by HP , and will become available in France and SFR this coming Friday. Verizon U.S. and Canada were the only two places that the Palm Pre 2 was mentioned regarding getting the handset, but by the looks of the script above, it looks as if AT&T and Rogers may also be on that list. The Palm Pre 2 had no specific details or dates on when it was coming to Canada or which carrier would launch the handset.

    The scripts above shows that Rogers, not Bell, will be getting the Palm Pre 2 and in the second script, that AT&T may be getting the handset as well. Whatever the reason is that these two carriers popped up in the scripts is yet to be seen, but we can only assume that the Palm Pre 2 will soon be sold by these two carriers.

    Via: Palm Pre 2 headed to Rogers Wireless & AT&T? |

    See More: Is Rogers & AT&T going to get the Palm Pre 2?
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