Hi there,

I've been searching for a solution to this, as it's highly annoying. I haven't seen anything like this, but maybe I'm not searching the right terms... My boyfriend has a Palm Pre (the newer one from AT&T, sliding keyboard, touch screen, etc.), and only just today it's been so garbled on my end when I receive his calls that I cannot understand a thing that he says. And it's getting worse as the day wears on.

It isn't a reception issue, as he's been calling me from places where he has full bars, and it's nothing on my phone, as I receive other calls perfectly clearly. He's tried cleaning out the microphone thing, and replacing the battery, to no avail. He doesn't use the headphones, and he can hear me fine, anyway.

And he keeps calling me like normal. And it's annoying. Because I can't understand him. ... Please help me... Please help me not murder him over his dumb phone...

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Umm, well... Nevermind. He tried removing and replacing the battery again and I guess it worked? I mean, if anyone has any insight into WHY this might have happened, or how we might prevent it from happening again, I'd love to hear it, but... Crisis averted, for now...

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