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    If you just received a Palm device, Palm Pixi or Palm Pre Plus, and are interested to know what great apps are out there for you to download, check no further. The Palm Pixie and Pre Plus may not be on the top of the smartphone list, but you can still grab some great apps to maximize the use of your phone. Below are some apps that may interest you.

    Twee2: This apps costs $2.99 and is one of the best Twitter apps for Twitter users. It has a smooth interface as well as giving you excellent time line management and up to date notifications.

    Facebook: This is a free app which allows you to keep in contact with all your Facebook friends.

    Voogle: This app costs $1.99 and is for those who use Google voice who want to integrate voice with the webOS handset.

    Feeder: This app is $2.99 and syncs with Google Reader. For those who are interested in the RSS reader, this app will allow you to share through Google, Twitter and many other options.

    Wapedia: This app is free and comes from Wikipedia. Everyone needs information right at their fingertips and Wapedia is the best one out there to give you that.

    Pandora: Free app that is certainly an app you must grab. It allows you to stream your favorite backgrounds and runs perfectly with webOS.

    Beatbox: Beatbox is a free app that is a game that you will find almost impossible to stop playing. It's a drum sequencer game that will have you playing for hours. Beatbox has a lot of options you can choose from and best of all, the app is free.

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