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    HP is getting ready to head to an event, that they will be hosting, on 'February 9th. One of the big things expected to be announced is tablets, which will have to do with the name Palm and have WebOS. There was talk that there was probably going to be at least one tablet involved, but according to Engadget, it looks as if there will be two tablets: Palm Topaz and the Opal.

    The Palm Topaz is said to be larger than the Opal and no physical buttons seems to be found on the tablet. It does however contain a 9 inch screen, micro USB port as well as a front facing camera and three speakers, which should bring a pretty good sound to the tablet.

    The Opal has a 7 inch screen, Wi-Fi only, AT&T 3G, Verizon LTE, and will not launch before September. The tablets should show up at HP HQ this June. The Opal will have a Wi-Fi only version, an AT&T 3G version, a Verizon LTE version, which will arrive in September and July of 2012 with an AT&T 4G version.

    via: HP to launch two Palm WebOS tablets this year, one of them will be out in September Unwired View

    See More: HP Palm Topaz & HP Palm Opal tablets launching this year
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    Re: HP Palm Topaz & HP Palm Opal tablets launching this year


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