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    Summer was the first announcement made regarding the launch date of the HP TouchPad, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it is going to happen next month and customers may not have to wait until July to see the HP TouchPad.

    The good news is, that according to Leo Apotheker, HP CEO, the HP TouchPad may begin its launch in June, with the U.S. being the first market to get it. The exact price of the HP TouchPad has not been mentioned, but it's expected that the HP TouchPad may run around $499, without the 3G and with the 16GB version.

    via: HP TouchPad to be launched in June after all Unwired View

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    Re: HP TouchPad may launch in June

    the cover is very nice

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    Re: HP TouchPad may launch in June

    It,s look really nice to me.

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