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    Before your phone can communicate with a Bluetooth headset or hands-free car kit, the devices must “pair”, then “connect”:
    1. Make sure you have turned Bluetooth on
    2. Press HOME, then press MENU and select Settings > Wireless controls > Bluetooth settings.
    3. Your phone starts scanning for Bluetooth devices within range. As they are found, the devices appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.
    4. To pair with a device in the list, select it.
    5. Type the device’s PIN, then select OK. (Read the manufacturer’s documentation if you don’t know the PIN.)
    6. Once paired, select the device name to connect. You can also touch & hold the name to open the context menu, then select Connect.
    7. Pairing and connection status appear under the device name.
    8. Once the other Bluetooth device shows “connected” status, you can start using it to make and receive phone calls.
    9. To disconnect or unpair with a device, touch & hold the device to open the context menu. Select
    10. Disconnect or Unpair, as appropriate. If you select Unpair when connected, you will be disconnected as well.

    • The phone supports only the headset and hands-free Bluetooth profiles, so if you try to connect to a device that is not a headset or hands-free car kit, then you will receive an “unable to connect” message.
    • If you pair with a second headset while connected to the first, the first headset will remain connected. To switch connection to the second headset you must manually select that headset again after pairing.

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    Re: How to pair Bluetooth devices on the G1

    In recently shipped bluetooth packages a new bug has been introduced at asking for the passphrase

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    Re: How to pair Bluetooth devices on the G1


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    Re: How to pair Bluetooth devices on the G1

    I have a HTC Desire HD and already I had this problem .But what I did to get of rid it is when you are go to Menu/Settings/Wireless & networks then tick Bluetooth and go to Bluetooth setting and then tick Discoverable in this case you will see that timer goes to count for 120 sec So tell your friend to send to you a file via his bluetooth when you accept it and enter the Number which appears Go to sliding menu above of the screen and accept this action I think the last thing that you have to go sliding menu is most people forget to do it So cause that you cant transfer file

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