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    With the below you will be able to export your contacts from your Palm phone and into your new Nexus...

    Step 1
    • Open Palm Desktop
    • Go to File > Export to vCard
    • Save the file in a known location (like your desktop)

    Step 2
    • Log Into your Gmail account
    • Click Contacts in the left menu
    • Click Import in the top right
    • Choose file and select the vCard file you just saved (add them to a group if you want)
    • Click Import
    • Your contacts will be imported into your Gmail account

    Step 3
    • On your Nexus make sure you have connected your Gmail account
    • Go to contacts > Menu > Accounts
    • Select your Gmail account > Menu > Sync Now
    • Your new contacts will be imported - Any duplicates should be merged.

    See More: Transfer contacts from your Palm to Nexus One
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