How-To: Personalize the HTC One S Launch Bar.

1. Tap, hold and drag out the application you wish to replace on the Launch Bar.
2. Press the "Apps" icon found in the middle of the Launch Bar.
3. Go to "All apps" screen.
4. Tap and hold the desired app then drag it in the empty slot on the Launch Bar.

NOTE*: You can also add shortcuts to settings or information on the Launch Bar by adding a shortcut on the Home screen first and dragging it on top of the empty slot in your Launch Bar.

How-To: Rearrange your Home Screen Panels.

Moving a Home screen Panel:

1. While on the Home screen pinch the screen with two fingers to enter "Leap view".
2. Tap and hold the Home screen thumbnail you wish to move then drag the thumbnail to the desired position.

Removing a Home Screen Panel:

1. Pinch the Home screen using two fingers.
2. Tap and hold the Home screen panel you wish to delete then drag it on top of the "Remove" bar found at the top of the screen.

Adding a New Home Screen Panel:

1. Access "Leap view" by pinching the Home screen.
2. Tap the "Add" button depicted as a "+" symbol. A new Home screen should now be available.

How-To: Rearrange Application Tabs.

Some of the applications have tabs at the bottom of the screen. These tabs can be customized allowing you to access the frequently used features with ease.

1. Open the application you wish to customize.
2. If the application has tabs at the bottom of the screen tap and hold a tab bar until a message regarding rearranging tabs pops-up on the screen.

NOTE*: If the application doesn't have a tab bar press the "more" icon depicted as three vertical dots then select "Edit tabs".

3. Once tabs editing has been enable you can change the order of the tabs by tapping, holding and dragging, or you can drag a tab onto or out of the tab bar in order to add or remove it.
4. When you're don customizing the application tab bar press the icon depicted as " < ".

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