Some inventions are based on sound science and this is one of them. The HTC One X is a fine smartphone and comes with some powerful specifications. The cleaning of a smartphone of this caliber should be done with a high level of care. You are not going to want to get water inside this nice of a handset. If you are person who hates germs and loves HTC smartphones, a new device called "Phonesoap" has arrived on the scene.

The people from Phonesoap say that the typical smartphone, including an HTC One X, has 18 times more harmful bacteria than the knob on a male public toilet. The reason being is that smartphones get warm while they are in use. This warmth is something that bacteria enjoy and are attracted to. The combination of hands touching the handset and the warm temperatures mean some nasty stuff can grow on the smartphone. A big problem is people using their smartphones in the bathroom. But the solution seems to be light, yes, that stuff that streams from the Sun. Specifically, the solution is the light in the UV range. The UV-C range is good at killing bacteria. So now someone has made a device to put an HTC One X or other smartphone into to bathe it with this UV-C light.

The light kills the bacteria on the smartphone, effectively keeping the owner from having to use wet hand wipes or water. The hand wipes are wet enough to be considered a threat to the internal electronics. Cleaning a smartphone with water is even worse, since it can get inside and short out electronics. Safe and simple light will penetrate the cell walls of the vile bacteria and destroy it's DNA. This process not only kills bacteria, but viruses as well. The device that delivers the light is in the shape of a small box which accepts a smartphone inside. It is safe for humans and both sides of the HTC smartphone are cleaned at one time, thanks to two UV-C lights installed in the top and bottom of the box. The box comes with a charging cable so two important things can be done at once with the Phonesoap box.

As you can see, this new invention will clean a HTC One X and any number of other slim handsets. It includes a 30 pin charger for iPhones as well. It is due out in August of this year, while the One X will already be on the market. The price of the Phonesoap bacteria fighter and charger is just $40 dollars. It is a good idea that can protect your health. Use it to clean and charge your pricey HTC smartphone while you sleep.

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