How-To: Manually Adjust the Screen Brightness

The HTC One S features Automatic screen brightness, making the screen adjust automatically to the "outside" changes in luminosity. This option can be turned off and you can set the screen brightness manually by doing the following:

1. Open the Notification panel.
2. Tap the "Settings" icon depicted as a gear.
3. Select "Display" (or Display & gestures).
4. Tap "Brightness".
5. Uncheck the "Automatic Brightness" option.
6. Drag the brightness slider to the right to increase or to the left to decrease screen brightness.

How-To: Adjust the screen "Sleep" timer.

To save battery life the HTC One S automatically turns the display off after a period of time of inactivity. You can set the "Sleep" timer by doing the following:

1. Follow steps 1 through 3 mentioned above.
2. Tap "Sleep".
3. Select the desired period of time before the screen enters sleep mode.

How-To: Turn Automatic Screen Rotation On or Off.

1. Open the Notification panel then tap "Settings".
2. Select "Display".
3. Uncheck the "Auto-rotate screen" option.

How-To: Recalibrate the G-Sensors.

In case you feel as if the screen orientation does not respond properly to the way you're holding the HTC One S, you can recalibrate the G-sensor by doing the following:

1. Open the Notification panel and select "Settings".
2. Tap "Display" then select "G- Sensor calibration".
3. Place your HTC One S on a flat and level surface then press "Calibrate".
4. Once the recalibration process is complete press "OK".

How-To: Keep the Screen From Turning Off While Charging.

1. Open the Notification panel, go to "Settings" and select "Display".
2. Tap the "Stay awake" option.

How-To: Toggle Animation Effects On or Off.

1. Open the Notification panel, select "Settings" then tap "Display".
2. Check or Uncheck the "Animation" feature.

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