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    The HTC One S allows you to print documents, emails, photos and more by using a printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your handset.

    How-to: Print a Document.

    1. If you wish to print an item while in an application such as "Mail", "Calendar" or "Internet" tap "More" then select "Print".
    2. If you wish to print a "Polaris Office" document open the desired item then tap the "More" icon depicted as three vertical dots then select "File" and tap "Print".
    3. While on the "Print" screen, select the printer you wish to use.
    4. Optionally you can tap "Advanced" if you wish to set page size and orientation, print layout or if you wish to print in black and white or in color.
    5. When ready to print your document tap "Print".

    NOTE*: If the printer does not show up in the list while on the "Print" screen you can add it manually by doing the following:

    1. While on the "Print" screen select "Add printer".
    2. Type in the printer's IP address and select a port.
    3. Press "Next" then select the printer's manufacturer and model.
    4. Tap "Save". If you've succeeded adding the printer manually it should now be available in the "Print" screen.

    How-To: Print a Photo.

    1. Open the Gallery then select the photo you wish to print.
    2. Tap the opened photo to make a menu appear.
    3. From the menu press "More", tap "Print" then select the printer you want to use.
    4. Tap "Print" when ready.

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    Re: Print Documents, Emails, Photos and More from Your HTC One S

    Search any premium driver on google that can sync your HTC device with the printer then you can print out documents

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