How-To: Add a POP3/IMAP Email Account on Your HTC One S.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen.
2. Select "Mail".
3. In case you haven't previously added an Email account, tap "Other (POP3/IMAP)" whilst on the "Choose a mail provider" screen.
4. In case this isn't your fist Email account added on your HTC One S press "Menu" select "New account" then tap "Other (POP3/IMAP).
5. Type in the email address and password then press "Next". If prompted to type in more email details or settings please do so.
6. Type in the desired name for your account then press "Finish Setup".

How-To: Add a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Account.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen then select "Mail".
2. If this is the first time you're adding an Email account press "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" whilst on the "Choose a mail provider" screen.
3. If you've previously added a mail account on your HTC One S tap "Menu" select "New account" then press "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync".
4. Type in the Exchange ActiveSync account details.
5. Press "Next".
6. Select the desired sync options then press "Next" once more.
7. Type in a name for the account then tap "Finish setup".

NOTE*: You can add up to 15 Exchange ActiveSync accounts on your HTC One S.

How-To: Send an Email Message on Your HTC One S.

1. Access the "Mail" app by tapping the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
2. Select the email account you wish to send the mail from.
3. Press the "New" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
4. Type in the recipient's details.
5. Enter a subject in the appropriate field.
6. Type in your message in the compose field.
7. If you desire to add an attachment press the "Attach" icon depicted as a paperclip then browse and select the desired file.
8. Optionally you can set the priority of the message by tapping "Menu" and selecting "Set Priority".
9. Press "Send" when ready or tap "Save" to send the email later.

NOTE*: To resume sending or composing a previously saved email go to the email account inbox then press "Menu", Select "Folder" and tap "Drafts". Select the desired email from the "Drafts" folder then edit and tap "Send" when ready.

How-To: Reply to an Email on Your HTC One S.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen and select "Mail".
2. Select the desired email account.
3. Tap the email you wish to read whilst on the email account inbox.
4. Press "Reply" then type in your message and press "Send" when ready.

NOTE*: Optionally you can press the "Menu" icon to access a wider range of actions for the email.

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