How-To: Take a Photo or Record a Video on Your HTC One S.

To launch the camera app tap the "Camera" icon on the Home screen. Additionally, the camera can be accessed while the screen is locked by pressing the power button on your device and dragging the "Camera" icon on top of the on-screen ring.

1. To zoom in or out before taking a picture or vide drag the "zoom" slider at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE*: The zoom slider will also be shown on screen while recording a video. You can zoom in or out freely while recording.

2. To choose an effect for a photo tap the "Filters" icon found at the top-right corner of the screen (in landscape mode) then select the filter you wish to use for your photo.
3. To select a flash mode tap the "flash" icon found on the "Viewfinder" screen and select a flash mode.
4. To set the resolution tap the "Settings" icon depicted as a gear then select "Image resolution" for photos or "Video quality" for videos, then select the desired option.
5. To switch between front or main camera tap the "Settings" icon, tap "Camera" and the preferred option.
5. When you're ready to take a photo wait until the camera auto adjusts then press the "Camera Shutter" icon.
6 If you wish to record a video, tap the "Record" icon found under the "Camera Shutter" icon (in landscape mode).

NOTE*: While recording a video you can also take a photo by pressing the "Camera Shutter" icon.

How-To: Improve Portrait Shots, Take Group Photos and Use HDR.

While on the "Viewfinder" screen press the icon depicted as an "A" found at the bottom-left corner of the screen (in landscape mode).

- Select "Portrait" to improve portrait mode.
- Select "Group portrait" to improve taking group shots.
- Select "HDR" when taking pictures against a bright background.
- Select "Low light" to take a photo in dim light. Note that the flash is disabled in this mode.

3. Take the photo when ready by pressing the "Camera Shutter" icon.

How-To: Take Panoramic Photos.

1. Press the "A" icon found at the bottom-left of the screen (in landscape mode).
2. Select "Panorama".
3. Take the first shot by pressing the "Camera Shutter". After taking the first shot a set of directional arrows will appear on screen prompting you to pan your handset in the right direction.
4. When ready, press the "X" button to stop capturing.

NOTE*: Both "flash" and "zoom" functions are disabled in "Panorama" mode.

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