How-To: Access Friend Stream on Your HTC One S.

The Friend Stream application allows you to share and get updates for from multiple social networks in a single feed.

1. While on the Home screen press the "Apps" icon.
2. Select "Friend Stream".
3. By tapping a friend's status update you will have access to a series of features such as:

- Writing comments.
- Browse someone's photos.
- Like Facebook posts.

4. Tapping a friend's name or photo will enable you to:

- Look at your friend's Facebook wall.
- Check your friend's Tweets.
- View your friend's profile details.

How-To: Update Your Status in Friend Stream on Your HTC One S.

1. Access the "Friend Stream" app then go to the "All" tab.
2. While on the "All" tab press the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
3. Type in your status.
4. Press the "Attach" icon depicted as a paperclip if you wish to attach a file to your update.
5. Tap "Post" when ready.

How-To: Use Facebook in Friend Stream on Your HTC One S.

Posting a message on a friend's wall:

1. Access the Friend Stream app.
2. Press the triangle shaped icon then select "Facebook".
3. Tap the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
4. Press "My wall".
5. Select a friend from the list.
6. Type in your message and press the "Attach" icon if you wish to attach a photo.
7. When ready press "Post".

Checking in to a place on Facebook via Friend Stream:

1. Access the "Locations" tab and press the "location" icon. (It's shaped as a "Google Maps location indicator")
2. Select a place from the list.
3. Press "Check in".
4. Type in a status message. Optionally you can tag the friends with whom you're in the same location.
5. Tap "Check in".

How-To: Use Twitter in Friend Stream on Your HTC One S.

Tweeting in Friend Stream:

1. While in the "Friend Stream" app press the triangle-shaped icon.
2. Select "Twitter for HTC Sense".
3. Press the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
4. Type in your tweet.
5. Press the "Attach" icon to add a picture to your tweet.
6. Tap "Post" when ready.

Following Twitter Users:

1. Access "Twitter for HTC Sense".
2. Search for the desired Twitter name in the search box.
3. Once the search results pop-up, tap the Twitter user you wish to follow.
4. Press the "Menu" icon then press "Follow".

NOTE*: If you wish to stop following a Twitter user go to the "All tweets" tab, tap the user you wish to unfollow, press the "Menu" icon and select "Unfollow".

Reply to or retweet a tweet:

1. From the "All tweets" tab press the tweet you wish to retweet or reply to.
2. Select "Reply" or "Retweet".
3. Type in your reply.
4. Press "Post" when ready.

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