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    The Calendar app enables you to schedule events, appointments and accept or decline a meeting invitation.

    How-To: Create an Event.

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
    2. Select "Calendar".
    3. After accessing the Calendar, tap the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
    4. Select the calendar to which you want to add the event.
    5. To invite people to the event tap the "People" icon and select the contacts you wish to invite.
    6. Type in and set the event details as you desire.
    7. Press "Save" when ready.

    How-To: Manage Calendar Events.

    Editing an event:

    1. Access the Calendar and select the event you wish to edit.
    2. Press the "Edit" icon (depicted as a pen and paper)
    3. Perform the necessary changes to the selected event.
    4. Once you're done editing, press "Save", or tap "Send update" if you have shared the event with other people.

    Deleting an Event:

    There are two ways to delete an event: from the "view event" screen or from "day", "agenda", or "week" view.

    1. To delete the event while viewing it, press the "Menu" icon and select "Delete event".
    2. To delete an event from "day", "agenda", or "week" view press and hold the desired event and tap "Delete".

    Sharing an event via Bluetooth, Email or Message attachment:

    1. To share an event while viewing it, press "Menu" and select "Forward". To share an event from the "day", "agenda", or "week" press and hold the desired event then press "Forward".
    2. Select the method of sharing.

    How-To: Accept or Decline Meeting Invitations.

    1. Access the "Calendar" app and go to the "Invites" tab.

    NOTE*: If there is no "Invites" tab press the "Menu" icon, tap "Edit tabs" then press and hold the "Invites" tab and drag it to the bottom row.

    2. Browse through the invitations then tap the desired one to accept, decline or propose a new time for the invitation.

    NOTE**: Pressing the "Menu" icon will enable you to choose from additional options.

    How-To: Set a Reminder for an Event.

    1. Access the "Calendar" app and view the desired event.
    2. Tap "Reminder" and select the preferred reminder options.

    How-To: Dismiss or Snooze an Event Reminder.

    If you've set a reminder an "upcoming event" icon will be shown in the Notification area.

    1. Open the Notification panel on your Home screen.
    2. Press the event reminder notification icon. Doing so will give you the option to dismiss or snooze event reminders.
    3. If you wish to leave the reminders enabled, press the "Back" sensitive button on your device.

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    Re: HTC One S Calendar App What You Need to Know ISSUE

    Calendar Bug.
    When I create an event on the phone it is displayed in white.
    When I select the 'white entry' .. it gives me event details - it says check calendar Conflict. There is no conflict. However a day view is given and the event is then displayed in Red. AS a side: This day view differs from the month, week, day, event, view presentation where the above options are at the bottom of the screen. This is just a day view - nothing else.

    If I then go back to the month view or week view or day view .. the event is back to being white.

    BUG 2 .. if I sync. The Calendar initial view shows that the information has carried over. (in that there's a small grey triangle in the top right hand corner of the month summary). If I then go to the month view .. all info is gone. If I go to the week, day or events. Nothing. (not even in white).

    However .. the widgets are picking up the info and displaying the events. But click through and the info is gone (and again not even in white).

    So to Summarise. Events created on the phone. Are in white .. so can't see them properly. Event's synced only show in the widgets.

    Can you advise.

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