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    Google Maps Basics Opening the app, Finding your Location and Enabling Compass Mode:

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen.
    2. Select "Maps".
    3. Press the "current location" icon depicted as a crosshair. The blue marker represents your current location on the map.
    4. Tap the "Compass" icon to enable "Compass mode". Once enabled, this feature will auto-rotate the map depending on the direction you're facing.

    How-To: Search for a Location.

    1. Access "Maps" and press the magnifier icon.
    2. Type in the desired search criteria in the search box.
    3. Select from a suggested location or tap "Enter" to search a location based on the exact keyword provided by you.
    4. Search results will now be marked on the map.
    5. Once the results are shown on the map you can tap a location marker in order to access detailed information regarding the location. Tapping and holding a location will enable you to access "Street View", the name of the location, the address and more.
    6. Additionally you can press "Results list" to display the results in a list. You can tap a location in the list to get detailed information about it.
    7. The on-screen buttons allows you to get directions, view the location in "Street View" if available and more.
    8. To clear the map after a search press the "Menu" icon and select "Clear Map".

    How-To: Search for a Place of Interest.

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen.
    2. Tap "Places".
    3. Select the place you wish to search or tap the "Search" icon and type in your search terms.
    4. After the search results are displayed you can either tap "Map view" to see the location of these places on the map, or tap a specific place to view more information about it.

    How-To: Get Directions with Google Maps.

    1. Access the "Map" and press the "Directions" icon found next to the "search" icon.
    2. Select your current location as a starting point, or type in the starting location in the first box.
    3. Type in the destination in the second box.
    4. Select how you want to reach the destination.
    5. Press "Get directions".
    6. Tap "Directions list" to view the directions.

    How-To: Open and Join the "Latitude" app.

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your Home screen.
    2. Select "Maps".
    3. Tap the "Menu" icon and select "Join Latitude".
    4. Once you have joined "Latitude" you can easily access it by pressing the "Apps" icon on the Home screen and selecting "Latitude". In addition, you can access it from the Google Maps view by pressing the button next to the "Menu" icon and selecting "Latitude".

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    Re: Use Google Maps on Your HTC One S

    heyyyy,indispensable information shared through this thread,Thumbs Up for this.

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