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    How-To: Add a New Contact.

    1. Access your Contacts list by tapping the "Apps" icon on your Home screen and selecting "Contacts".
    2. Select the "People" tab then press the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
    3. Tap the "Name" field and type in the desired contact name. To add more contact details such as first, middle or last name tap the "Edit" icon depicted as a pen and paper.
    4. Select the Contact type.
    5. Continue adding contact information in the appropriate fields.
    6. Tap "Save" when ready.

    How-To: Import or Copy Contacts.

    Importing Contacts from the SIM Card:

    1. Access the "Contacts" app and press the "People" tab.
    2. Tap the "Menu" icon.
    3. Select "Manage contacts" and tap "Import/Export contacts".
    4. Press "Import from SIM card".
    5. Select the contacts you wish to import from the SIM card.
    6. Press "Save" when ready.

    Import a Contact from an Exchange ActiveSync Account:

    1. Access the "Contacts" app and tap the "People" tab.
    2. Type in the contact's name or email address in the search box.
    3. Select "Search contacts in your Company Directory".
    4. Tap the contact you wish to copy to your HTC One S.
    5. Press the "Add" button depicted as a "+" symbol to add the contact to your Exchange ActiveSync account.

    To Copy Contacts between Accounts:

    1. Access "Contacts" and tap the "People" tab.
    2. Tap the "Menu" icon and select "Manage contacts".
    3. Press "Copy contacts" and select a contact type or the online account to copy from.
    4. Select the contact type or the account you wish to save contacts to.

    How-To: Merge Contact Information.

    To avoid having duplicate entries you can merge contact information from different sources into one contact.

    Contact Link Suggestions:

    As soon as your HTC One S finds duplicate contacts you will get a notification if you open the Contacts app. To accept contact link suggestions:

    1. Access "Contacts" and press the "People" tab.
    2. Press the Link suggestion notification to see the list of suggested contacts.
    3. Select the contacts you wish to merge and you're done.

    To disable contact link suggestions tap the "Menu" icon on the "People" tab, go to "Settings" and uncheck the "Suggest contact link" option.

    To View the Linked Contacts List:

    1. Access the "Contacts" app.
    2. Tap "More" then select "Linked contacts". A list of all the linked contacts will appear on the screen.
    3. You can choose to relink or break the link of an account type.
    4. Press "OK" when ready.

    See More: Add and Manage Contacts on Your HTC One S

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    Re: Add and Manage Contacts on Your HTC One S

    In this thread,how to Add and Manage Contacts on Your HTC One S discuss very clearly,which can be easily understandable by everyone,Thanks Mate.

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