About HTC Car:

HTC Car is an application that launches automatically whenever you connect your HTC One S in the HTC Car Kit. Via the HTC Car application you can play music or listen to internet radio, making phone calls and get directions.

How-To: Play Music and Listen to Internet Radio in HTC Car.

1. Once the HTC Car app launched, swipe the "main panel" to the left until you reach the "Music" panel.
2. Swipe the screen to be able to browse music.
3. Select the desired album, playlist or song.

To Listen to Internet Radio:

1. Swipe the main panel to the left until you reach the "Internet Radio" panel.
2. Slide the screen up to be able to browse through available stations. Additionally you can tap the "Search" icon to search for a station by typing-in a keyword.
3. Tap the internet radio station you wish to listen to.

How-To: Access Maps and Get Directions in HTC Car.

To find your current location on the map:

1. Swipe the screen to the right until you reach the "Navigational panel".
2. Tap the icon depicting a traffic light. This will show the on-screen map with your current location.
3. You can zoom or move the map freely.

To get Directions in HTC Car:

1. Access the "Navigation" panel.
2. While on the "Navigation" panel you can:

- Press the "Search" icon to search for a place.
- Tap the icon depicting a clock to see the previously searched places.
- Press the "Calendar" icon to get direction for an upcoming event found in your Calendar.

3. Once you have selected a destination you will see the start and finish points on the map.
4. Press "Start navigation" to get direction towards the destination.

How-To: Handle Phone Calls in HTC Car.

1. While getting a phone call you can swipe to the right to answer or to the left to decline.
2. To make a phone call tap the "Phone" shortcut found on the main panel.
3. If you wish to call a contact from your phonebook swipe across the screen to reach the "People" panel and slide up to access the phonebook.

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