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    How-To: Browse the Web.

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
    2. Select "Internet".
    3. Tap the URL box found at the top of the screen.
    4. Type-in the desired webpage address or keywords.
    5. To switch to reading mode tap the "Read" icon found at the top-left corner of the screen.
    6. If you wish to view the full version of a website tap the "Menu" icon whilst on the webpage, then tap "View desktop site".

    How-To: Open and Switch Between Browser Tabs.

    1. Press "Tabs" while browsing a webpage.
    2. Tap "New tab" to open a new browser tab.
    3. To Switch between browser tabs tap the "Tabs" button then flick the screen left or right to browse between the opened browser tabs. Tap a browser tab to view it in full screen, or press the "X" button to close it.

    Private Browsing and Viewing/Clearing Your Browsing History.

    Viewing Your Browsing History:

    1. Press the "Menu" icon while viewing a webpage then press "History". Alternatively you can tap and hold the "<" icon.
    2. Select a time period while on the "History" tab in order to view a list of visited webpages.

    Clearing Your Browsing History:

    1. Tap the "Menu" icon while viewing a webpage then select "History".
    2. While on the History tab, press the "Menu" icon and tap "Clear all".

    NOTE*: You can clear the list of most visited pages by pressing the "Menu" button while on the "Most visited" tab and tapping "Clear all".

    To Start Private Browsing:

    1. Press "Tabs" while on the browsing screen and select "New incognito tab". While private browsing the visited webpages will not appear in the browsing history, but your downloads will.

    How-To: Add and Manage Bookmarks.

    Bookmark a Webpage:

    1. Tap the "Add to" button while viewing a webpage.
    2. Select "Bookmarks".
    3. Edit the bookmark name if you desire.
    4. Tap "Bookmarks" to save the bookmark to a new folder.
    5. Press the triangle shaped icon on the "Add to" screen and tap "New folder".
    6. Press "Done".

    Edit a Bookmark:

    1. Tap "Bookmarks" while viewing a webpage.
    2. Press the "Menu" icon on the Bookmarks tab.
    3. Select "Edit".
    4. Press the "Edit" icon found at the right of the bookmark you wish to edit.
    5. Make the necessary changes and tap "Done" when ready.

    How-To: Sync Bookmarks with Google Chrome.

    1. Open the Notification panel on the Home screen.
    2. Press "Settings".
    3. Tap "Accounts & sync".
    4. Select your Google account.
    5. Tap the "Sync Internet" option.

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    Re: Use the Web Browser on Your HTC One X

    Hey DustenRust,

    You seem very switched on when it comes to the HTC One X so i had a question i was hoping you could answer for me...

    I had something unusual happen yesterday that i would love to know if anyone can explain....

    I was browsing on the internet with my phone early in the morning hit the home button and didn't return.

    I made one or two phone calls throughout the day.

    Then late afternoon i unlocked my phone and the last visited internet page i was on was open. I dont understand how that could be the case? Is there a logical reason why my regular home page wasn't on the screen when i opened my phone?

    My only assumption is one of my work colleagues has opened the page through history and hit the button on the top of the phone which has then left the page open.

    Is there any other explanation for this???


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    Re: Use the Web Browser on Your HTC One X

    That is odd, what happened to your phone but, like computers, phones need a time to respond to the commands, Maybe your phone didn't answer right away when you wanted to browse the 'net and the page opened at a later time. Or maybe the phone is too full with apps and is slower than usual.

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