How-To: Take a Photo on Your HTC One X.

1. Tap the "Camera" icon on your Home screen to start the camera application. Additionally, you can press the "Power" button on your device when the display is off, and then drag the Camera icon to the lock screen ring.
2. Before taking a photo you can zoom in or out by sliding your finger on the zoom bar found at the bottom of the screen.
3. Point the camera at what you wish to capture. The camera will focus automatically.
4. Tap the camera shutter icon when ready to take the photo.

NOTE*: To switch between front and rear camera, tap the "Settings" icon on the "Viewfinder" screen > tap "Camera" > select between "Front" and "Main" camera.

How-To: Take a Panoramic Photo.

1. Open the Camera app.
2. On the "Viewfinder" screen press the "A" icon found at the bottom-left corner of the screen (in landscape mode).
3. Tap the camera shutter icon when you're ready to start taking the panoramic photo. A set of directional arrows will appear on the screen indicating when to pan the camera in the right direction.
4. The camera will automatically take five consecutive shots. To stop capturing at any given time, press the "X" button.

NOTE*: Flash and Zooming are disabled in Panoramic mode.

How-To: Take Continuous Camera Shots:

1. To take continuous shots tap and hold the camera shutter icon on the "Viewfinder" screen. The camera will take up to 20 consecutive shots.

NOTE*: To take more than 20 consecutive shots tap "Settings" > select "Continuous shooting" > uncheck the "Limit to 20 frames" option.

2. Once you've taken your shots, select the photo you like the most then press "Best shot". Additionally, if you wish to keep more than one photo, delete the shots you don't want to save.

NOTE**: Keep in mind that "Continuous Camera Shot" mode works only when the "Auto" scene is active.

How-To: Record a Video.

1. Access the Camera app.
2. On the "Viewfinder" screen press the icon depicting a camera to start recording.
3. Whilst recording the video you can:

- Zoon in or out by sliding your finger across the zoom bar.
- Tap a different subject or area on the screen to focus the camera on it.
- Press the "Flash" icon to enable or disable flash mode.
- Tap the "camera shutter" icon to take a still shot whilst recording.

4. When you wish to stop the recording process tap the red "Record" button.

To Improve Video Stability:

1. Tap "Settings" while on the "Viewfinder" screen.
2. Tap "Video options" then select "Video stabilization".

How-To: Record a Video in Slow Motion.

1. Whilst on the "Viewfinder" screen press the "A" icon.
2. Select "Slow motion video".
3. Frame the subject and tap the "Camera" icon to start the recording process.

You can access other useful tools and effects by tapping the "A" icon on the "Viewfinder" screen, including:

- HDR: Useful when taking portraits against bright backgrounds.
- Low light: Improves the quality of the pictures take in dim light.
- Portrait: Improves portrait shots.
- Group portrait: Improves group portrait photos.

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