How-To: Create an Event.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
2. Select "Calendar".
3. Tap the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol whilst on the Calendar view.
4. Select the calendar to which you want to add the event.
5. If you wish to invite other people to your event tap the "People" icon and select the desired contacts.
6. Set the event's details as you prefer then tap "Save".

How-To: Manage Calendar Events.

Editing a Calendar Event:

1. Tap the "Edit" icon while viewing the desired event.
2. Make the necessary changes then tap "Save" or "Send update" in case you have invited other people to the event.

Deleting a Calendar Event:

1. While viewing an event press the "Menu" icon and select "Delete event".
2. A secondary way of deleting an event is pressing and holding an event in the "Day, Agenda" or "Week" view, then tapping "Delete" or "Delete event".

Sharing a Calendar Event:

1. Press the "Menu" icon while viewing an event then select "Forward". Optionally, whilst on the "Day, Agenda" or "Week" you can tap and hold the event and select "Forward".
2. Select the method of sharing the event.

How-To: Use the Full Range of Options in the Calendar App.

While on the Day View:

- Tap and hold a time slot in the "Day view" to create a new event at that specific time.
- Browse through earlier or later days by swiping the screen left or right.
- If the day's weather is displayed you can tap it in order to select another city.
- To view an event time in another time zone press the "Menu" icon > select "Dual time zone" > tap "Choose location" > enter the second location.

While on the Week View:

- Tap and hold a time slot in order to create a new event.
- Tap an event to view detailed information about it.
- Swipe the screen left or right to see earlier or later weeks.

While on Month View:

- Slide the screen up or down to view later or earlier months
- Press and hold your finger on a day in order to access a context menu containing additional options.
- Tap a day to view all the events for it.

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