HTC Scenes allow the user to bring Home screen layout customization to the next level. You can create and switch between scenes in order to easily turn your HTC One X into a travel, work, play or weekend phone.

How-To: Use a Preset HTC Scene.

1. Open the Notification panel on the Home screen.
2. Tap "Settings".
3. Select "Personalize".
4. Tap "Scene" on the "Display" tab.
5. Slide the screen to the left to browse and select a preset scene.
6. Tap "Apply" when ready.

How-To: Create a New HTC Scene.

Note*: Whenever you start creating a new Scene, you'll start from a blank Home screen.

1. Open the Notification panel.
2. Tap "Settings" and select "Personalize".
3. Press "Scene" on the "Display" tab.
4. Tap the "Menu" button and select "New".
5. Type-in the scene name and tap "Done" when ready.
6. Continue personalizing your new Scene by adding apps, widgets and more. Changes made to a scene are automatically saved.

How-To: Rename a Scene.

1. Open the Notification panel, tap "Settings" and select "Personalize".
2. Whilst on the "Display" tab, press "Scene".
3. Slide the screen to the left to browse through the scenes.
4. Tap and hold the thumbnail of the scene you wish to rename.
5. Select "Rename" in the context menu.
6. Type-in a new name for the scene.
7. Tap "Done" when ready.

How-To: Delete Scenes.

1. Follow the first two steps mentioned above in order to access the "Scene" main screen.
2. Press the "Menu" sensitive button.
3. Tap "Delete".
4. Browse through the scenes and tap the ones you wish to delete.
5. Tap "Delete" when ready.

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