How-To: Access Google Maps Google Maps Basics.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
2. Select "Maps".
3. To show your current location on the map, tap the icon depicting a crosshair. Your location on the map is indicated by the blue marker.
4. Tap the compass icon to toggle between "Compass" and normal mode. While in Compass mode the map auto-rotates according to the direction you're facing.

How-To: Search for a Location in Google Maps.

1. While on the Google Maps main screen, tap the "Search" icon.
2. Type-in the search criteria in the search box and tap the "Enter" key on the keyboard. While typing the location you can also select a suggested search term.
3. The search results will be marked on the map. You can interact with the map after a search:

- Tap a marker to view the location's name and additional details in a balloon.
- Tap "Results list" to view the results in a list. You can tap a location from the list to view additional details.

4. To clear the map press the "Menu" button, then tap "Clear Map".

How-To: Get Directions using Google Maps.

1. Access Google Maps and tap the "Directions" icon depicted as a "Turn right" sign.
2. After tapping the "Directions" icon you can:

- Enter a starting point and a destination in the appropriate fields. You can also use the current location as a start point and type in only a destination.
- Tap the triangle shaped icon to select a point on the map or a contact's address.

3. Select the way you wish to arrive at the destination.
4. Press "Get directions".
5. Tap "Direction list" to view the directions.

How-To: Join Latitude.

1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the Home screen.
2. Select "Maps".
3. In the Map view tap the triangle shaped icon and select "Join Latitude".

NOTE*: For more information about "Latitude" tap the "Menu" icon whilst on the "Latitude" screen, > tap "Help".

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