How-To: Change the Wallpaper.

1. Open the Notification panel on the Home screen.
2. Tap "Settings".
3. Select "Personalize".
4. On the "Display" tab, press "Wallpaper" and select the following:

- Gallery: allows you to choose and crop an existing photo as your wallpaper.
- HTC wallpapers: gives you access to a number of preset wallpapers. Tap a wallpaper and press "Preview".
- Live wallpapers: Allows you to select from a number of preset animated wallpapers. Tap one, and press "Preview". Some Live wallpapers can be customized by tapping "Settings".

5. Once you've chose the desired wallpaper tap "Save" or "Apply".

How-To: Apply a New Skin.

1. Open the Notification panel > tap "Settings" and select "Personalize".
2. On the "Display" tap, press "Skin".
3. Browse through the skins by swiping the screen from left to right.
4. Select the desired skin then press "Apply".

How-To: Add and Manage Widgets on Your HTC One X.

Adding a Widget:

1. Tap and hold an empty space on the Home screen.
2. On the "Widgets" tab you can do the following:

- Swipe the screen left or right to browse through all the widgets.
- Tap the "Search" icon to search a widget.
- Tap "All Widgets" to choose from a selection menu.

3. Once you've found the desired widget, drag it on top of the Home screen thumbnail where you wish to add it.

Resizing and Changing a Widget's Settings:

1. Tap and Hold your thumb on a widget from the Home screen. If the widget is resizable, once you release the finger you'll see a set of directional arrows.
2. Drag the arrow buttons to change the widget size.

NOTE*: To change the settings of a widget, tap and hold the widget then drag it on top of the "Edit" icon. To remove a widget, drag it on top of the "Remove" button instead.

How-To: Add Apps and Shortcuts on the Home Screen.

1. Tap and hold an empty space on the Home screen.
2. From the "Apps" or "Shortcuts" tab, select which app or shortcut you wish to add on the Home screen.

How-To: Customize the Launch Bar.

If you wish to replace an app from the Launch bar:

1. Tap and hold the app then drag it out of the launch bar.
2. Tap the "All apps" icon, then tap and hold the preferred app, and drag it on top of the empty slot on the launch bar.

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