How-To: Create a New Slideshow.

1. While on the Home screen, tap the "Apps" icon.
2. Press "Movie Editor".
3. Tap the "Add new" button depicting a "+" symbol.
4. Type-in the title for your slideshow.
5. To select a theme such as slide transition or wallpaper, tap "Select a theme".
6. To add videos and photos from the "Gallery" tap the "+" button.
7. Edit the slideshow by using the following features:

- Tap and hold a photo or video and drag it to a new location.
- To remove a photo or video, tap it then press "Remove".
- To change the theme tap the theme name and select a new one.
- Tap the "Preview" icon depicting an eye to view your slideshow.

Note*: All changes are saved automatically.

How-To: Change the Soundtrack on a Slideshow.

1. Whilst on the slideshow, tap the "Preview" icon.
2. Press the soundtrack icon depicting two musical notes.
3. Tap "Choose music track" and choose another music file for your slideshow.

How-To: Share a Slideshow from the Gallery.

1. Access the "Movie Editor".
2. Tap the slideshow you wish to share.
3. Press the "Preview" button then tap the icon depicting a floppy disk.
4. Select a resolution.
5. Choose the location where you wish to save the slideshow.
6. Press "OK".
7. Access the "Gallery" and select the "Movie Editor" album.
8. Tap "Share" and choose the sharing method.

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