Importing Contacts from a SIM Card

1. Go to the People tab and then tap the Menu icon.
2. Next, tap Manage conacts.
3. Select Import/Export contacts -> tap Import from SIM card.
4. In case you also have an Exchange ActiveSync or a Google account, select the type of the imported contacts.
5. Now you just need to select the contacts that you wish to import and then tap Save when done.

Importing a Contact from an Exchange ActiveSync Account

1. Go to the People tab and in the search box, enter the email address or the name of the desired contact.
2. Under Company Directory, tap Search contacts.
3. Then tap the name of the contact youíd like to copy to your smartohone.
4. When ready, tap the plus sign to import the desired contact.

Copying Contacts from One Account to Another

1. Go to the People tab and tap the Menu key.
2. Then tap Manage contacts.
3. Tap Copy contacts and choose your desired online account or contact type to copy from.
4. And then select the contact account or type where you want to save the contact to.

Accepting Contact Link Suggestions

Whenever there are two contacts that could be merged, your HTC One SV will create a link notification when you open the People app.

1. Go to the People tab and tap the Link suggestion notification if you see it available. You will then be presented with a list of contacts that you could merge.
2. If applicable, choose the contacts you wish to merge.
3. Or, in case you donít want your HTC One SV to notify you when it finds contacts that can be merged, then go to the People tab and tap the Menu icon -> then tap Settings and clear the Suggest contact link option.

Manually Merging Contact Information

1. Go to the People tab and select the desired contact name (donít the photo or the icon of the contact, but the name) wish you link.
2. Then tap the Link icon, which will enable you the following options:
ē go to Suggest links -> tap the link icon, which will link the desired contact to an account.
ē go to Add contact and select one of the options available to link to a different contact.

Creating a Group

1. Go to the Groups tab and tap the plus sign (+).
2. Name your group the way you want to.
3. Then tap the Camera icon and select an iconic photo for your gropu.
4. Then tap the Menu icon and select Add contact to group.
5. Select the desired contact you wish to add to the group and then tap Save.
6. After youíre done with the group, tap Save.

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