Placing a Call using Smart Dial

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Phone.
2. Type in the desired phone number of the first letters of the desired contact’s name.
3. Tap the number that you wish to call.
4. To hang up the call, tap End Call.

Assigning a Speed Dial Key

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Phone.
2. Then tap the Menu icon and select Speed dial.
3. Tap the plus sign (+) and choose the contact the desired contact.
4. Then choose the phone number that you want to use and assign a speed dial key to it.
5. When done, tap Save.

Adding an Internet Calling Account

1. Open the Notification panel.
2. Go to Settings and tap Call.
3. Under Internet call settings, touch Accounts.
4. Then tap Add account.
5. Enter the details of your account and then tap the Menu icon and select Save.
6. If you wish to set your smartphone to receive Internet calls to the added account, touch Receive incoming calls.

Placing an Internet Call

You can place an Internet call to a contact’s Internet calling account or phone number.
You have the following options:

Internet calling account -> you need to go to People and select the contact that you wish to call (it needs to have an Internet calling account) and then tap Internet call.
Phone number -> In order to place an Internet call to a phone number, you need to enable Internet calling for the outgoing calls. To do so, open the Notification panel and tap Settings -> Call -> then tap Use Internet calling and select either Ask for each call or the other option, For all calls when data network is available.

Home Dialing

Whenever you’re in vacation abroad you can use the Home dialing feature to call your friends or loved ones. If you’re roaming, the code of the country will be automatically added to the contacts you’re calling, but if you manually enter a number, you will have to also enter the plus sign (+) and the country code in front of the number.

You can change the country code if you:

1. Open the Notification panel and touch Settings.
2. Then tap Call.
3. Now tap Home dialing settings, select the desired country and tap OK.

Turning off Home Dialing

In case you prefer to manually enter the complete numbers while you’re roaming, simply turn off Home Dialing.

1. Open the Notification panel and tap Settings.
2. Tap Call.
3. Under Other settings, uncheck Home dialing.

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