Connecting Using the USB Cable

When connecting your HTC One SV to a computer via the USB cable, you will see a Choose a connecting type screen, which allows you to select one of the following USB connection types:

Charge only – this option will allow you to charge the battery of your smartphone while connected to the computer.
Disk drive – you should choose this mode whenever you wish to copy or transfer files between your computer and the phone storage or microSD card of your device.
HTC Sync Manager – by selecting this option you’ll be able to sync media or data, such as calendar, bookmarks or contacts between the HTC One SV and your computer.
USB tethering – in case you don’t have an internet connection on the PC, choose this option to share the mobile connection of the smartphone with your computer.
Internet pass-through – in case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or you don’t have a data plan for your HTC One SV, using this option you can share the internet connection of your computer with the smartphone.

Copying Files between the Phone Storage or microSD Card and Your Computer

1. First off, you need to connect the smartphone to your computer via the USB cable.
2. From the Choose a connection type screen, select Disk drive. Your computer should then recognize the HTC One SV storages as removable disks.
3. Go to the desired location on the smartphone, either the card or phone storage and copy-paste the desired files.
4. After the files have been completely transferred, unmount the microSD card on your HTC One SV. This is usually required by the computer in order to safely remove the HTC One SV.
5. Then simply disconnect your smartphone from the computer.

Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection by USB Tethering

In case you don’t have an internet connection available for your computer, don’t worry, as you can connect to the Internet using the data connection of your smartphone.

There are only a few things that you need to make sure of:

1. The USB tethering may need to be added to your data plan and it’s possible to require additional charges, so contact your mobile provider and check the necessary details with them first.
2. You must have the HTC Sync Managed installed on the computer.
3. And you need to make sure the SIM card is inserted on the HTC One SV.

After you’ve completed the steps above, you just need to:

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Apps.
2. Tap Settings and select Mobile network.
3. Then connect the smartphone to your computer via the USB cable.
4. When the Choose a connection type screen appears, select USB tethering.
5. And that’s it! Your computer should now have access to Internet.

Connecting to the Internet via a Computer

In case you don’t have internet access on your smartphone, you can still go online by using the Internet connection of your computer. You only need to install HTC Sync Manager to your computer.

1. On your computer, check to see if you’re connected to the Internet.
Note: You may need to turn the network’s firewall off and in case your computer connects to the Internet using PPP (meaning either VPN, Dial Up or xDSL), then the Internet Pass-through will support only the TCP protocol.
2. Then use the USB cable to connect the HTC One SV to your computer.
3. When the Choose a connection type screen appears, choose Internet pass-through.
4. As simple as that!

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