Itís recommended that you reset your smartphone if youíre about to give it to another person or if it has an issue that canít be solved. But keep in mind that performing a master reset (also known as a factory reset) will completely wipe all the date stored on your smartphone, so itís imperative to back up any date that you wish to keep. You can do so by transferring the files to a microSD card for example.

Performing a Master Reset from Settings

1. From the Home screen, open the Notification panel.
2. Then tap Settings -> select Storage -> tap Factory data reset.
3. Select Reset phone and tap Erase everything.
4. Your smartphone will then reboot.

Performing a Master Reset via the Hardware Buttons

In some situations, the device is so unresponsive that you canít reset it via settings. If that's the case, then you can perform the reset using the hardware buttons, which has the same outcome. Again, keep in mind this will wipe out all your data.

1. Press and hold the Volume Down key and then thePower key. Keep these two buttons pressed.
2. When the three Android images appear, release both keys. It may take a while for the images to appear, so be patient.
3. Use the Volume Down button to scroll to FACTORY RESET and press the Power button to select this option.
4. Your HTC One VX will then reboot.

Restarting Your HTC One VX

In case your HTC One VX is not running as fast as it should be, an app is not working properly or the device is simply unresponsive, prior to a factory reset, you should try to restart it as most often than not, this will help fix the issue.

1. In case the display of the One VX is off, press the Power button and turn it back on.
2. Unlock the device and then press and hold the Power button and select Restart.
3. Tap Restart once again when youíre asked to confirm.

Tip: If your smartphone is not responding when you touch its screen or press its buttons, donít worry! You will still be able to restart it. All you need to do is to press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds or more and after that your device will restart.

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