Sending an Email Using Gmail

1. Open the Gmail app.
2. Tap the Compose icon.
3. Tap the To field and enter the desired recipient.
4. If you wish to add more recipients, you can do so by adding them in carbon copy (Cc) or blind copy (Bcc). To do so, just tap the Menu icon and select Add Cc/Bcc.
5. Tap the Subject field, enter the desired subject, and continue composing your message.
6. If you want to also add a photo, tap the Menu icon and select Attach file.
7. When ready, tap the Send icon.

Forwarding or Replaying to an Email in Gmail

1. Open the Gmail app and tap the desired email message or conversation.
2. If you wish to replay to the email, tap the Replay icon. You can also tap Menu and select to Forward the message or Replay all.
3. In case you decide to Replay all or replay only to the sender, then enter the desired message.
4. But if you want to forward the message, don’t forget to enter the recipients of the message.
5. And, when ready, tap Send.

Organizing Your Emails

In case you have a big pile of messages, you can organize them into tabs for a quicker access to the emails you want to read.

1. Go to the email account that you wish to use.
2. While viewing the Inbox, tap Menu and select Edit tabs.
3. Tap and hold one of the tabs and then drag it to the bottom row if you want to add.
4. Then tap the < key and slide to the tab you’ve just added.

Manually Refreshing an Email Account

In case you want to improve the battery life of your smartphone, you can set your syncing options to OFF and then manually sync your email accounts.

1. Go to the desired email account and tap Menu.
2. Then select Refresh.
3. You can actually refresh all your email accounts at the same time by going to the All accounts inbox, then tapping Menu and selecting Refresh.

Sending an Email Message

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Email.
2. Then select the email account that you wish to use.
3. Then tap the + (plus sign).
4. Fill in the recipients.
5. Enter the desired subject and start composting your message.
6. You can then choose to add an attachment by tapping Attach and choosing the attachment type.
7. You can also set the priority of the message. To do so, tap Menu -> tap Set priority.
8. When ready, tap Send. Or if you wish to send the message later, tap Save.

Saving an Email Message in the Task App

You can save your email message in the Task list so you won’t forget to replay to it.

1. Go to the desired email account inbox, then tap and hold the email you wish to respond to and select Save as task.
2. On the New task screen, select the desired task details and tap Save.

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