Sending Files via Bluetooth

1. From your smartphone, tap the app that contains the information you’d like to send.
2. Then follow the next steps for the type of information or item that you’d like to send to the Bluetooth device:
Contacts - > From the Contacts app, tap the desired contact to view its details -> tap Menu and select Send contact -> then tap the Down arrow icon and from the given list, select Bluetooth.
• Calendar, appointment or event -> While in the Agenda view, Week view or Day view, tap and hold the event that you’d like to share and then select Forward -> tap Bluetooth.
Photos or videos -> Open the Gallery app and tap the desired album -> then tap Share -> select Bluetooth.
Captured photo or video -> From the Camera preview screen, tap the Share icon and select Bluetooth.
Music track -> Open the track that you’d like to send (it has to be displayed under Now playing) tap More-> select Share -> tap Share file -> tap Bluetooth.
Browser -> go to the webpage that you’d like to share and tap More -> then select Share -> tap Bluetooth.
3. Then turn the Bluetooth on and connect with the device that is receiving the files.
4. On the receiving device, accept the files.

Receiving Files Using Bluetooth

1. Open the Notifications panel and tap Settings.
2. Turn the Bluetooth switch to ON and then tap Bluetooth.
3. To make your HTC One VX visible, tap its name located near the top of the screen.
4. Then, on the sending device, send the desired files to the HTC One VX.
5. Tap Accept on your HTC One VX, in case you’re asked to accept the pairing request. And, if requested, enter the same passkey on both devices.
6. Then tap Pair.
7. When your HTC One VX receives a transfer notification, just open the Notifications panel, tap the incoming file and tap Accept.
8. When the file is transferred, you’ll receive another notification. Open the Notifications panel and tap the file that you received.
9. Depending on the type of file that you received, you'll have one of the following options:
• Media files and documents are opened in the compatible file. For example, a music track will play in the Music app.
• For the calendar files, you can choose where you’d like to save the event and then you have to tap Import. The Calendar file will then be added to your Calendar events.
• For vCard contact files, you can choose to import one, several or all of the contacts to your contacts list.

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