Have you just purchased the gorgeous HTC One and would like to transfer the files you had on your iPhone to the HTC One? Then follow the steps of this tutorial and you’ll learn one of the easiest ways to do so.

Transferring Content from an iPhone to HTC One

Using HTC Sync Manager you can easily transfer iPhone content, such as messages, wallpapers, contacts, camera photos, videos and more to your new HTC One.

1. First of all, you’ll need to back up your iPhone content to your computer using iTunes 9.0 version or later.
2. Then connect both the HTC One and the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
3. Open HTC Sync Manager and click More -> select TRANSFER -> then click the Get Started button.
4. In case you haven’t backed up your iPhone information using iTunes yet, please do so before proceeding.
5. Then click Next -> select the iPhone backup file and click OK.
6. Now select the type of content that you’d like to transfer to the HTC One. You can also select to replace the content already found on the HTC One, with the iPhone content.
7. Finally, click Start and the transfer will start.

Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the HTC One

You can use Bluetooth if you only want to transfer your iPhone contacts to the HTC One.

1. In case you’re just setting up your HTC One for the first time, select to transfer content -> then from the Set up phone screen, tap Transfer from old phone. Otherwise, go to Settings -> tap Transfer Content.
2. Tap iPhone -> then on your iPhone turn Bluetooth ON and set the device to discoverable mode.
3. Then on both your HTC One and your iPhone, follow the on-screen prompts to pair the devices.
4. When asked to choose the type of data that you’d like to transfer, select Contacts.
5. Then wait for the transfer to finish.

Aside from the HTC Sync Manager or Bluetooth, you can also use Gmail to to transfer your contacts on your iPhone and then log in with the same Google account on your HTC One and sync your contacts.

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