Changing the Wallpaper

1. From the Home screen, drag the Notifications panel down.
2. Then tap Settings -> touch Personalize.
3. Tap Wallpaper and choose one of the following:
HTC wallpapers -> select a preset HTC wallpaper and tap Preview.
Live wallpaper -> select one of the preset animated wallpapers -> tap Preview. Some animated wallpapers can be customized, tap Settings to customize the one that you like better.
Gallery -> choose a photo from your Gallery and crop it if necessary.
4. To set the wallpaper, tap Done or Apply.

Adding a Widget to the Home screen

You have a wide selection of widgets to choose from, so you can add the ones you find most useful to your Home screen.

1. From the Home screen, drag down the Notifications panel.
2. Tap Settings -> select Personalize.
3. Then tap Customize home screen -> tap More and select Widgets.
4. Tap the Search icon to search for a specific widget or just swipe left or right to browse through the widgets.
5. Found the widget you want to add to the Home screen? Then tap and drag it to the Home screen thumbnail where you’d like to add it.
6. There are some widgets that will allow you to quickly switch on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other settings, so you can add one of them for a quicker access to these settings.

Resizing a Widget

Some widgets can even be resized after you’ve added them to the Home screen. To do so, follow the next steps:

1. From the Home screen, tap and hold the widget that you’d like to resize and then release your finger. If nothing new appears, it means the widget can’t be resized. However, if a border appears it means you’ll be able to resize it so all you have to do is drag the sides of the border to shrink or enlarge the widget.

Personalizing the Launch Bar

The launch bar gives you quick access to the most commonly used apps. You can however replace them with other apps that you frequently use.

1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Apps icon to go to the All apps view.
2. Then press and hold the app you’d like to remove and just drag it out of the launch bar.
3. To add a new app to the launch bar, just tap and drag the desired app to an empty slot on the launch bar.
Tip: You’re can also to group apps on the launch bar into a folder.

Changing Your Ringtone/ Notifications and Sounds

1. From the Home screen, drag the Notifications panel down.
2. Then tap Settings -> tap Personalize.
3. Under Sound, tap Ringtone and select a new ringtone sound; tap Notifications and select a new notification; tap Alarm and select a new alarm sound.

Creating a Folder

1. Go to the All apps view, then tap and hold an app and drag it over another app. This will automatically create a folder.
2. To add more apps to the folder, tap and hold the desired app and drag it to the folder.

Renaming a Folder

1. Open the desired folder -> then tap the title bar of the folder -> enter the desired name.
2. To save the name, tap outside of the folder (this will also close the folder).

Removing Apps from a Folder

1. Open the desired folder.
2. Tap and hold the app that you wish to remove and then drag it to the Home screen.
3. In case there’s just one app remaining in the folder, the folder will ungroup and that last app will remove itself automatically.

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