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    Soft Resetting the HTC One (Restart)

    Is your HTC One unresponsive, running slower than normal, has an app that is now working properly? Then rebooting the device might help to solve the problem.

    1. If the display of the phone is off, press the POWER key to turn it on.
    2. Unlock the display and press and hold the POWER key -> tap Restart.
    3. Tap Restart again when asked to confirm.
    4. Or, if your HTC One doesnít even respond when you tap the screen or press its buttons and thus canít restart it normally, donít worry cause youíll still be able to do it. Just press and hold the POWER key for at least 10 seconds - your HTC One will then restart.

    Master Resetting Your HTC One via Software

    Does your HTC One have a persistent problem that canít be solved otherwise or youíre planning on giving it to somebody else? Then performing a hard reset is a good idea.

    However, keep in mind that a hard reset (also known as factory reset or master reset) will wipe all the data found on your smartphone. So the downloaded and installed apps, accounts, contacts and any other app data and system settings will be removed from your device. This is why itís highly recommended to back up all the data and files youíd like to keep prior to performing a master reset.

    1. From the Home screen, drag the Notifications panel down.
    2. Tap Settings -> select Backup & reset.
    3. Then tap Reset phone.
    4. In case youíd like to permanently delete all media and other data found on the HTC One, tap Erase all data.
    5. Then tap OK.
    6. Your smartphone will then completely reset and reboot.

    Master Resetting Your HTC One Using Hardware Buttons

    In case your device is so unresponsive that you canít even access its settings to perform a master reset via software, you can still reset the HTC One by using its hardware buttons.

    1. Press and hold the Volume Down key and then press and hold the Power key.
    2. Wait until the three Android images appear and then release both keys (Volume Down and Power keys).
    3. Use the Volume Down key to select FACTORY RESET.
    4. Then press the Power key to reset your smartphone.
    5. The HTC One will then reset and reboot.

    See More: HTC One: Factory Reset (Soft and Master Reset via Hardware/Software)
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    Re: HTC One: Factory Reset (Soft and Master Reset via Hardware/Software)


    a great tutorial how to hard reset your HTC One is on this site: Hard Reset

    You can also find here tutorials for phones from other manufacturers with different operation systems.

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