Taking a Photo

1. Open your Camera app.
2. Frame your subject – the camera will then automatically adjust the focus as you move.
3. When you want to take the picture, tap the Camera icon.
Tip: You can set your HTC One to take a picture by tapping anywhere on the screen by going to Menu -> Shutter option -> Touch to capture.

Taking Continuous Camera Shots

Do you have a moving subject that you’d like to capture? Your HTC One will help you do just that.

1. Open your Camera app and on the Viewfinder, just press and hold the Camera icon. Your smartphone’s camera will take up to 20 consecutive pictures of the subject.
2. After taking the shots, you have two options available:
• if you want to keep just one photo from the batch, select the picture you like best and tap Best shot.
• if you want to keep all the photos, just press the Back key.

Taking Zoe Photos

Using HTC Zoe you can record memories in a kind of “living album” of a three second video and up to 20 photos.
1. Open the Camera app.
2. To switch to HTC Zoe, on the Viewfinder screen, tap the HTC Zoe icon.
3. When you want to start capturing, frame your subject and tap the Camera icon. The camera icon (or shutter release icon) will slowly turn red -> continue holding your HTC One steady as the camera will capture a few seconds of pictures.

Taking a Panoramic Photo

1. Open the Camera app.
2. When you want to take the photo, tap the Camera icon. Some directional arrows will appear telling you to pan your smartphone left or right when in landscape view or down/up in portrait view.
3. Pan the phone as smoothly as possible to automatically capture the frames. If you want to stop capturing at some point, tap the X icon.
4. When done, the camera will stitch the frames together into one photo.

Using HRD

HRD is useful if you shoot a portrait against a bright background, as it will help you capture the subject clearly.

1. Open the Camera app.
2. Then under Photo capture mode, tap HDR -> then to take a picture, tap the Camera icon.
3. You can also capture a video in HDR -> so under Video capture mode, select Scene -> Video HDR (Full HD) -> tap the Cam recorder icon to record.

Recording a Video

1. Open the Camera app.
2. When you are ready to start recording, tap the Cam recorder icon.
3. When recording you can zoom in and out as you want, change the focus on a different subject and tap the Flash icon to turn the flash on or off, as desired.
4. When you want to stop recording, just tap the Stop icon.

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