HTC Watch is an online video service where you can shop for your favorite TV series or movies and then watch them on your smartphone and up to four other HTC devices. Using HTC Watch you can: rent/purchase movies and TV shows, preview trailers prior to purchasing a movie, recommend your favorite movie to your friends and family, watch the movies or TV shows you purchased on five HTC devices with access to HTC Watch using the same account.

Note: HTC Watch is available in selected countries only.

Creating or signing in to Your HTC Watch Account

1. Open the Watch app.
2. Then tap the Menu icon -> tap Settings -> select Account and start creating a new account.
3. If you already have a HTC Watch account created, you can sign in at this point.

Renting or Purchasing a Video Using HTC Watch

Note: In order to make the purchase you need to use a credit card that is registered in the same region as the one you associated with your HTC Watch account.
1. Open the HTC Watch app.
2. Browse the video store until you find the move you’d like to buy or just tap the Search icon and enter the name of the movie.
3. Tap the desired video to view its details, such as casting and synopsis.
4. While viewing the details, you can also watch the trailer (if available, tap the Play icon to play the trailer) or recommend the video to your friends or family by sharing its link (tap the Menu icon -> Share and select your preferred sharing method).
5. To purchase or rend the movie, tap the Price button.
6. In case this is the first time you’re trying to rent or purchase a movie, you’ll need to enter your credit card information as well as billing details.
7. Confirm the rental/purchase.
8. Go to your library to check your downloads.

Managing Your Downloads

You can manage your downloads and see a list of all your purchases as well as watch a video as it’s being downloaded.
1. Under My library, you can:
• tap Downloading to check the download progress of your rented or purchased movies.
• tap My movies or My TV shows for a complete list if your rented or purchased videos.

Checking What’s Linked to Your HTC Watch Account

1. Open the HTC Watch app.
2. Then tap the Menu icon -> select Settings.
3. Tap Device management.

Removing Your HTC Watch Account

1. Open the HTC Watch app.
2. Then tap the Menu icon -> tap Settings -> tap Account and tap your account name.
3. Then tap the Menu icon and select Remove -> finally, tap Remove account.

Tips: Whenever you rent a movie, you have either 24 or 48 hours to watch it, depending on the studio’s terms as well as the country where you downloaded the video. But the 24/48 hours start from the first viewing. Otherwise, if you’re not watching the video immediately, you have up to 30 days before your rental expires.

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