Using Sense TV

  1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Apps icon.
  2. Then tap TV -> select the desired country and tap Next.
  3. Enter your zip code -> tap Next -> select your television provider and tap NEXT.
  4. ITo remove a certain channel from the TV Guide, scroll to the desired channel and uncheck it.
    Note: You may receive a confirmation prompt -> select the desired option and follow then on-screen prompts to complete it.
  5. To set a channel as favorite, go to the desired channel and tap the Heart icon located next to it. The heart will turn blue if the channel is set as a favorite.
  6. Then tap NEXT.
  7. Tap to check any other media subscriptions and tap NEXT.
  8. Youíll then see several programs, tap the ones youíd like to set as favorites -> then tap FINISH -> tap OK.
  9. A prompt with tips and tricks will appear, read it and then tap X to close.
  10. Your TV Guide has been successfully configured!
  11. You will now be able to see the Recommendations page.
  12. To change the view, tap Recommended. Youíll be able to see the available tabs (Recommended shows programs based on the usage and favorite information, Movies shows the movies available to watch, Sports shows the sports programs available to watch, etc).
  13. Then tap X to close -> swipe up or down to see more channels and left or right to view different times.
  14. To look for a certain program, tap the Search icon -> enter the name of the program you want to search and then tap Enter.
  15. Tap the program that you want to see.
  16. Information about that particular program will then be displayed, including upcoming episodes on your selected channels.
  17. To see the availability of an episode, tap the desired episode.
  18. To set a reminder, tap the desired showing.
  19. If you want to set the show as a favorite, tap FAVORITE.
  20. To send a link with the episode to your friends, tap SHARE (your friends must also have an HTC One in order to see the shared links).
  21. To automatically set a reminder for all the episodes as soon as they become available, tap ADD SERIES.
  22. To return to the channel guide, tap the Back key.

Setting up Remote Control

  1. Now tap the Remote control icon -> tap START -> name this remote control setup (for example: Home) and tap NEXT.
  2. Select what components you want to control (TV, Home theater, Cable box).
    Note: You canít uncheck TV, but you can select Cable/Satellite box and Sound box if you want to control the whole home theater.
  3. Select the name of your TV Manufacturer from the list and then tap NEXT.
  4. Turn your TV off and tap NEXT -> turn the top of the phone at your TV and tap Turn on TV (the IR transmitter of your HTC One is in the Power key).
  5. If your TV turned on, tap YES. Otherwise, tap NO and repeat the previous step until your TV turns on.
  6. You may be prompted to find tune the remote control -> follow the on-screen instructions and if youíre asked to press another button and repeat the same process until the correct code is found for the TV, Sound System, etc, repeat the process.
  7. When done, tap OK.
  8. To check your remote control, tap the Remote control icon located at the top of the screen.
  9. Sense TV is now ready to use and control your TV.
  10. With the help of the on-screen buttons you can control the functions of different hardware.
  11. Tap the Power button on the screen if you want to change inputs and turn individual devices on and off.

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