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    In case you’re not happy with the Android 4.1.2 JB and would like to upgrade to version 4.2.2, you’re in luck as the folks over at AOKP developed a custom ROM that will allow you to enjoy the latest Jelly Bean firmware.

    Read This First

    1. This tutorial is made especially and exclusively for the HTC One, using the following steps for a different smartphone, may brick it.
    2. Your HTC One needs to be rooted and have an unlocked bootloader (click the link for the instructions on how to do it).
    3. A custom recovery image (CWM or TWRP) should be installed on your HTC One. We’re going to use CWM for this tutorial, but the steps are identical for the TWRP.
    4. Using the custom recovery image, back up your current ROM – this will set a restore point for your HTC One just in case you won’t be able to boot it with the new Jelly Bean OS.
    5. You should also synchronize your contacts with a Google Account for example, to ensure they won’t be lost.
    6. Your HTC One should be at least 75% charged before adding the custom ROM.
    7. Proceed at your own expense. We are not to be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your smartphone.
    8. Lastly, read the entire thread before you start to add the ROM.


    1. Download the Custom Rom – save it on your PC, but don’t extract the files yet.
    2. Download the Gapps for the Android 4.2.2 custom ROM – don’t extract the files yet.
    3. Move the files you’ve just downloaded to your HTC One and then disconnect the smartphone from the PC (in case an USB cable has been used).

    Installing the AOKKP Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean MR1 Nightly Custom ROM

    1. Power Off your smartphone completely.
    2. Then boot it into HBOOT mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously.
    3. From the HBOOT menu, select RECOVERY.
    4. Now wait for the HTC One to boot into the custom recovery mode.
    5. Select backup and restore and backup your current operating system by creating a NANDROID backup. This will be your restore point in case you won’t be able to install this custom ROM.
    6. Then select wipe data/factory reset -> confirm the process.
    7. Next, you need to select install from sdcard -> select choose zip from sdcard.
    8. Locate the AOKP JB MR1 zip and install it.
    9. After the custom ROM has been completely installed, select choose from sdcard again -> then locate the Gapps file and proceed with the installation.
    10. After flashing both files, return to the first custom recovery screen mode and select reboot system now.
    11. Now you just need to wait for the AOKP ROM to load all the necessary files.
    12. The process may take a few minutes to complete.
    13. When you see the Home screen, re-enter the information of your Google Account and test the features of the AOKP custom ROM.
    14. Congratulations! You’ve managed to update your HTC One to the AOKKP Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean MR1 Nightly Custom ROM.

    Note: In case your HTC One enters into a boot loop or the first boot takes too long to complete, just completely power the smartphone off and repeat the entire tutorial.

    Don’t like the new operating system? Then return to the previous ROM using the NANDROID backup you’ve created.

    See More: HTC One: Update to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with AOKP JB-MR1 Custom ROM
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