Installing HTC Sync Manger on Your Computer:

  1. Visit using your computer's Internet browser
  2. Download the installer, launch it and install HSM on your computer using the on-screen instructions

Backing Up Your Phone to Your Computer:

  1. Connect your handset to your computer
  2. In HTC Sync Manager, click "Home" > "Transfer & Backup"
  3. Under "Backup and restore", select whether you wish to include media content, and whether or not you want to back up your phone whenever you connect it to your computer.
  4. Click "Back up now"
  5. Select whether you wish to set a password for the backup file, and click "OK"

Restoring a Backup from Your Computer to Your Phone:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer
  2. In HSM, click "Home" > "Transfer & backup"
  3. Click "Restore" under "Backup and restore"
  4. Select the desired backup file and choose whether you wish to replace existing content
  5. Click "Restore now"
  6. If necessary, enter the backup password and click "OK"
  7. Once the message confirming that the backup has been restored appears, click "OK"
  8. On your HTC One max, open the notifications pane, and tap "Home screen restored" to apply the home screen layout backup

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