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    I'm having a lot of little annoying issues with my new M8. This time it's the bluetooth that won't connect to my car. It's a VW Jetta to get specific. I've tried pairing from the car and phone and tried putting both in discover mode. They sometimes find eachother but never connect. Any ideas?

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    Re: HTC One (M8) bluetooth won't connect

    Have you changed the name of your phone to something with a special character? Like "One (M8)" with the parenthesis? Try changing it to something more simple, remove the profile from your car, and try pairing again. Also remove the car from your phone (under Settings > Bluetooth).

    Also, you didn't say what year your Jetta is, but you may want to update the firmware. Here it is for the more popular RNS-510: Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades | my-gti.com

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