Inserting the SD Card:

  1. Power off your smartphone
  2. Hold the device face up
  3. Insert the tip of the tray eject tool into the eject hole of the microSD tray, as seen below. Push the tip until the tray ejects
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  4. Put the microSD card with the gold contacts facing down, into the tray
  5. Insert the microSD card tray back into its slot

Viewing the Amount of Free SD Card Space:

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Under "Phone", tap "Storage"
  4. View the "Available" storage value under "SD Card"

Formatting the SD Card:

WARNING! Formatting the SD Card will delete all data stored on it. If necessary, backup your data before proceeding. To format the microSD card:

  1. Tap "Apps" while viewing the home screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Under "SD Card", tap "Format SD card"
  4. Review the warning pop-up and tap "Erase SD Card"
  5. Review the warning message
  6. Tap "Erase Everything" to confirm

Opening or Deleting Files

Opening or Deleting Files Using the HTC One M8:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Launch the "My Files" app
  3. Tap "All files" > "SD memory card"
  4. Navigate to the file or folder that you wish to delete
  5. Tap a file to open it. To delete it, mark the check box associated with it
  6. Tap the "Trash can" icon and tap "OK"

Opening or Deleting SD Card Files via a Windows Computer:

  1. Establish a connection between your One M8 and computer via USB
  2. Swipe the "Status" bar down
  3. From the notification screen, tap "USB Connected" > "Connect USB storage"
  4. On the computer, click "Open folder to view files" > "OK"
  5. Once the "Removable Disk" window pops-up, click "Open folder to view files"
  6. Locate where the desired files are stored on the SD card
  7. Open a file, or right click on it and select "Delete" to remove the file
  8. When done, safely disconnect your smartphone from the PC by clicking the "Removable Storage" icon in the system tray

Transferring Files between the SD Card and Computer

Transferring Files between the SD Card and a Windows Machine:

  1. Connect the One M8 to your PC via USB
  2. Swipe the "Status" bar down and tap "USB Connected" > "Connect USB storage"
  3. On the computer, click to "Open folder to view files"
  4. Locate the desired files
  5. Copy the files from the SD card and paste them on your computer's HDD (Or the other way around)
  6. Once the transfer is complete, tap "Disconnect storage from PC" and safely disconnect your smartphone

Transferring Files between the SD Card and a Mac Computer:

  1. Make sure you have HTC Sync Manager installed
  2. Establish a USB connection between the Mac and HTC One M8
  3. On the Mac, the HTC Sync Manager window should appear
  4. Follow any additional on-screen prompts to use HSM for file transfer

Changing the Default Memory Storage Location for Applications

NOTE: By default, the storage location for most applications is set to the internal storage. To change the memory location to external storage, perform the following:

Changing the Storage Location for the Camera App:

  1. Tap the "Camera" icon located on the home screen
  2. Press "Menu"
  3. Tap "Settings" > "Storage"
  4. Select "SD card"

Changing the Storage Location for the Voice Recorder App:

  1. Launch the apps drawer
  2. Open the "Voice Recorder" app
  3. Press the "Menu" key
  4. Tap "Settings" > "Storage"
  5. Select the default storage location as "SD card"

Changing the Storage Location for the Internet App:

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon while on the home screen
  2. Launch the "Internet" app
  3. Press "Menu" and tap "Settings"
  4. Tap "Advanced" > "Download storage"
  5. Select "Storage Card"

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