WARNING! Applying a master reset on your smartphone will result in the deletion of all personal data stored on the phone's internal memory. This includes downloaded content, photos, custom ringtones, contacts, 3rd party applications etc. The smartphone will return to factory settings. However, data stored on the SIM and SD cards will not be affected.

NOTE: Before proceeding, you may want to back up the data stored on your HTC One E8. To do so, visit this link for a full guide on how to back up and restore apps, contacts and media files on the device.

Master Resetting via the Settings Menu:

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Scroll to "Personal" and tap "Backup & reset"
  4. Set the following options as you see fit: "Back up now", "Automatic backup" and "App data and settings restore"
  5. Next, tap "Reset phone". Assuming that your device is protected by a screen lock, enter the PIN / password and proceed
  6. Optionally, mark the "Erase all data" and "Erase SD card" check box. WARNING! By enabling "erase SD Card", the factory reset will also delete all the content stored on the SD card
  7. Tap "OK"
  8. From the "Backup now" message, tap "Backup now" or "No thanks"
  9. Once you receive the "Warning" message, tap "OK" to confirm and your smartphone will reset

Master Resetting via Hardware Keys:

NOTE: In case your smartphone crashes, freezes, is unresponsive or is otherwise preventing you from resetting it via the settings menu, then you can still apply a factory reset through a combination of hardware keys. To do so:

  1. If your smartphone is turned on, press and hold the "Power" key and then tap "Power off"
  2. With the smartphone turned off, press and hold the "Volume Down" key
  3. With the "Volume Down" held, press and release the "Power" button
  4. Keep holding the "Volume Down" key until you see three Androids near the bottom edge of the screen
  5. Once in the "HBOOT" menu, press the "Volume down" key to navigate to and highlight "Factory reset"
  6. With the said option highlighted, press the "Power" key to confirm the selected option
  7. Your smartphone will now reset and reboot in normal mode, with factory values

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