NOTE: For a guide on how to back up data on the HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera, visit this thread.

Restore Apps:

  1. Make sure the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access
  2. Open the apps drawer
  3. Go to “Settings” and scroll to “Personal
  4. Tap “Backup and reset
  5. Tap “Restore from HTC backup” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process

Restore Contacts:

  1. Open “Settings
  2. Under “Personal”, tap “Accounts & Sync
  3. If necessary, add the Google account you used for the initial contact backup
  4. Tap “Menu” > “Sync all

Restore Media Files from a Windows Computer:

  1. Connect the HTC One M9+ SC to your computer using the USB connector
  2. Launch an Explorer window on the PC and locate the media files backed up on your computer
  3. Copy the files and transfer them on the HTC device, preferably in the “Media” directory and appropriate sub-folders
  4. After the transfer is complete, eject the phone storage from the system tray, and safely disconnect the device from the USB connector

Restore Media Files from a Mac Computer:

  1. Connect the phone to your Mac via USB
  2. Access the phone’s storage
  3. Open a file explorer window and locate the media files backed up on your Mac
  4. Copy the files, and transfer them on your HTC device
  5. Once done, drag the phone’s virtual drive from the desktop into the “Trash / Eject” icon
  6. It’s now safe to disconnect the phone from the USB connector

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